Parish Human Resources

Managing Personnel Records
All congregations should keep confidential personnel files for each employee, including clergy. Prsonnel files are “discoverable,” meaning that your congregation might be legally required to provide personnel files if sued. Keeping complete, consistent, and well-managed personnel records–that are private and secure–is essential. Personnel files should include:

  • Materials from the original application (resumé, cover letter, application)
  • Verifications of Employment
  • Job Description
  • Offer Letters
  • Benefits Enrollment Forms
  • Tax forms (W-4 and MW-507 for employees in Maryland)
  • Salary History
  • Annual Housing Allowance Declarations
  • Contact Information
  • Performance Reviews
  • Disciplinary Documentation

Create a separate file for:

  • medical information (e.g., medical history, application for disability leave, return-to-work releases from health providers)

Create a separate binder for:

  • Form I-9 for each employee (do not put this federally required forms into personnel files)