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Grants, Policies and Governance

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Discernment in the Diocese of Maryland
Exploring Baptismal Ministry and Discerning Ordained Vocation are “about transformation in the midst of searching for the will of God in one’s life.”
Learn more about Discernment in our diocese

Characteristics of Vital Congregations
The Diocese of Massachusetts has offered this gift to the wider church as way to review characteristics of a vital congregation. Download Characteristics of Vital Congregations (Adobe PDF).

Financial Assistance for Congregations
The Financial Assistance for Congregations Committee is a committee of the Diocesan Council responsible for evaluating and disbursing designated funds from the Diocesan budget to help congregations facing financial hardship. Learn more or to submit an application for assistance

Socially Responsible Investment Fund
The Investment Committee of the Diocese of Maryland has added a Socially Responsible Investment Fund to our existing portfolio of investment options available to all congregations. Please feel free to contact Jill Robinson, our Investment Committee Chair; Doug Vaughan, our Treasurer; or Karen Stewart, our Assistant Treasurer and Comptroller with questions you may have. Download our Statement of Social Responsibility (Adobe PDF)

The Robert W. Ihloff Fund for Congregational Development
The Robert W. Ihloff Fund for Congregational Development was created by Diocesan Council to honor the ministry of the Right Reverend Robert W. Ihloff, 13th Bishop of Maryland. The corpus of the fund generates an annual income which will be made available to congregations and programs according to the policies approved by Council. The Nomination Form includes explanatory material that will help interested parties determine if their ministry interests qualify for Ihloff Funds. Ihloff Fund Nomination Request

Endowment Grants for Ministry
Diocesan Grants for Ministry Application

The Middendorf Revolving Fund
The guidelines and application for the Middendorf Revolving Fund may be accessed by clicking the links below. Both documents are in Adobe PDF format.

Questions about the Middendorf Fund or the application process should be directed to the Diocesan Business Office either by calling (410) 467-1399 or e-mailing

Continuing Education Grants for Ministry
The Continuing Education Committee of the Diocese of Maryland provides grants to be used to further education for the Christian ministry of the laity and clergy of the Diocese. Your grant request should reflect a carefully considered program that provides the kind of continuing education that will enhance your own participation in ongoing ministry as well as strengthen the ministries of the congregation you serve and the Diocese as a whole.
The guidelines for these grants may be found here.
The grant application form may be found here.

Global Development Committee Grant (Millennium Development Goals)
The Diocese of MD, in response to the call of the Episcopal Church in Convention, passed its own resolution of support for the Millennium Development Goals in 2006. These Goals are an international effort to end extreme poverty by 2015. The Diocese knows there are many persons in Maryland who live in poverty. The Global Mission Committee urges all Maryland Episcopalians to work to relieve poverty here at home in addition to the work sponsored by the Diocese through its 0.7% commitment to alleviate poverty globally.
Download the Grant Guidelines and Application

Guidelines for the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at Church Functions
Download the Guidelines for the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at Church Functions (Adobe PDF

Preferred Product and Service Providers
Local and regional product and service providers have afforded the diocese select pricing and discounts. We have reached out to these vendors in order to extend the benefits that they’ve previously given the diocese, in turn, to our parishes. Contact the Business Office keeps a list of the preferred providers for the Diocese of Maryland.

Parish Governance

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